Celebrate Earth Day on our business

This is what we are doing to support it....
1, Evolve to Digital world, try this http://www.webnames.ca/tel/ for business card;
2, Continue to keep it green, print the business card on recycle paper;
3, Organize documents in digital format, share it via email or upload to FTP http://filezilla-project.org/;
4, Continue to keep it green, print the documents on recycle paper;
5, Turn off computer or put it on sleep mode if you don't need to use it;
6, MORE.......

Hope that inspire you..........

Thank you
Mobile Marketing Project with 2.0 marketing

Phase 1 result:
After 3 months of research & case studies - Use this formula if it apply:
Social Media Optimization (SMO) + Location based advertising (LBA)= average growth of 40% per day in clients development.

Phase 2 result is coming up soon.

Thank you.